Susie G  is a Seattle based artist and performer

anchored by influences including Lana Del Ray, Mozart,                   

 Garbage, Chopin, Pink Floyd, Beethoven, Tom Petty and countless others. 

Her songwriting is driven by fluid grooves and memorable hooks with lyrical delivery

which is all ages friendly and resides on the foundation of love, hope, and positivity. 

She is equally at home playing keys and singing solo or sharing the stage with her full band. 

Susie G is a 3rd generation musician and an award-winning composer

as well as music teacher who began playing at the age of 3. 

With a classical upbringing and a rock inspiration that comes together harmoniously,

she creates a familiar but unique sound that floats through the air like a Dream Pop hammer.

EP Credits:  

Guitar:  Jerett Samples

Bass:  Gregory Olson

Drums:  TJ Orgovan

Vocals/Keys:  Susie G

All songs written and produced by Susie G.  Recorded at Soundhouse, Seattle,  Engineered by Wyatt Harbaugh,  Mixed and Mastered by Jack Endino.

Photo by Melissa Alma



Ear to the Sound 

 Rain City Collective

by Elijah Dhavvan  -  March 18, 2019

 On Susie G's spectacular debut EP, You and I, Susie and her band explore a layered, expansive, impressive sonic landscape, built upon tight and textured voice and instrumentation. But as big as the sound is on the new EP, the songs stay grounded in a sense of intimacy and bittersweet emotions that underlie the signature sound and songwriting of Susie G. 

There's a cohesive tone to the tracks on You and I, and the soundscape perfectly augments the nuanced expressions of passion and sadness in each song. The EP is built upon warm synths, thick guitars, and dark tones that echo the emotional intensity and swaying dance-ability of each melodic turn. Jerett Samples sculpts guitar lines that sing powerful countermelodies to Susie Garcia's vocals. Gregory Olson's bass also deserves special mention, particularly on the track "Frequency". And TJ Orgovan's drums buoy the driving rhythms throughout the EP. This is a band that knows who they are and knows exactly what they want to say. 

Although this is a debut EP, there are several strata of complex meaning in each song. It's not often that music is able to reframe themes of love and intimacy in a new light, but that's exactly what Susie G does in You and I. But even though the emotional notes and accompanying sonic swells are ethereal and dense, the songs still pulse in catchy, dance-able rhythms. The title track, "You and I" is a stand-out, and speaks of intimate secrets with a beat that is just as resonant as the message. The entire EP deftly contours sonic warmth while maintaining moving rhythms. 

In summary, this is a fantastic EP from a band with moving songwriting and highly skilled musicianship. You and I will make you want to dance in mind, body, and soul.

100 Miles of Music 

by Davin Michael Steadmen

There are good songs and there are great songs. Susie G’s ‘You & I’ is a great song. 

I was at The High Dive in Seattle last May catching my friends Down North, when I was startled by a song that was quite simply the best written and performed song I’d ever heard on that stage. I’ve heard many. 

The tune recalls of of the greatest and most underrated tunes of all time, ‘Pancho & Lefty’ by Towns Van Zandt in such a way through it’s new wave 80’s sheen of Arena readiness, that as a songwriter I loved how coincidental it is, because great minds do think alike. 

When I saw Susie play the song again at Brodie Nation Music Festival, I was thrilled to be the first person to introduce such a songwriter to Van Zandt. 

I am only now experiencing the studio version, and will not say it suffers but rather benefits from the fact Susie is such a strong vocalist and frontwoman behind the keys, and her bands are so able and straightforward, that the LIVE version has a punch to it that is rarely caught on record. 

This song simply kicks ass. After watching her perform the song the second time in the forest by River Tolt, I took $20 and bought four EPs, and gave them out at my set that night with The Soul United Allstars. 

I’m going to take more time to dissect the song and the lyrics and it is my gateway to her entire EP. 

But when I hear a song like ‘You & I’ I wonder how broken the music industry has become that a girl can be absolutely slaying a song like this every show, and not be on Festival stages everywhere all Summer. 

I wonder if people at shows are even paying attention. Because 10 more songs like that = the best album that has ever come out of Seattle. Caveat Hendrix cut his albums in London and New York. But I mean it. 

Go see Susie G perform this song LIVE. What more do you want? You want Irving Berling to bust out of his grave in NYC and tell you ‘You & I’ is a hit? 

I’ll but ten more CDs but it’s a shame I don’t have a CD player. Which is part of the problem, because Rock & Roll has never translated to smart phones. It’s best taken stirred in forests, in clubs, and on the back of pick up trucks raging in love, falling in and out of the night.